Los Angeles-based indie-pop trio Mercies dropped their sophomore LP, Blue Against Green, back in March via Randm Records. Its soaring guitar and vocal harmonies take cues from the likes of Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear, but in a new mini-documentary capturing the band’s rehearsals before a recent show at the Satellite in L.A., the guys of Mercies revealed it was artists like Elvin Jones and Tony Williams who informed them as musicians.

“I was listening to all the normal things you listen to as a 12- or 13-year-old starting to play,” drummer Sammy Dent says in the Craig Dacey-directed clip, which you can watch above, “like Rage Against the Machine and Green Day and stuff like that.”

“Elvin Jones and Tony Williams, when I heard those guys, it made everything else seem like absolute garbage,” he continues. “I think the pursuit of the philosophy from those guys’ points of view was definitely more appealing and I think that’s when I started to change as a musician.”

Blue Against Green follows Mercies’ 2011 debut, Three Thousand Days, and 2012’s The Ballet EP. Check out album single, "Zalea," and the cover art below. The band's latest full-length is available for purchase now over on iTunes.

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