For a while, it looked like 'Berzerk,' Eminem's ode to old-school hip-hop, was going to top this week's Diffuser Top 10 video countdown, but at the last second, MGMT fans sprang into action and propelled the psych-rock duo's 'Cool Song No. 2' straight into the No. 1 slot.

MGMT's victory is well deserved, as their 'Cool Song' clip is as cinematic and imaginative as last week's winner, Obits' 'Spun Out,' was simple and direct. Starring Michael K. Williams -- aka Omar on 'The Wire' -- 'Cool Song' is a dark and druggy thriller dying for the big-screen treatment, and if you didn't know better, you'd mistake the four-minute mini-movie for film trailer.

No less engaging, Em's vid is all about big-upping the Beastie Boys and celebrating violence with found footage of people moshing, rioting and beating each other down. The gigantic boombox in the background adds a bit of production value, though it's a safe bet Aftermath spent nowhere near as much on these visuals as MGMT did theirs. Rounding out the top 5 are the aforementioned Obits, who slip to No. 3, followed by U.K. post-punk comers Eagulls and grunge mainstays Pearl Jam.

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  • 10

    The National

  • 9


    'Indie Cindy'
  • 8


    'I Will'
  • 7

    They Might Be Giants

    'You're On Fire'
  • 6

    Arcade Fire

  • 5

    Pearl Jam

  • 4


    'Nerve Endings'
  • 3


    'Spun Out'
  • 2


  • 1


    'Cool Song No. 2'