Alberta's solo multi-instrumentalist Michael Bernard Fitzgerald teams up with Spotify to disseminate his new single 'Firecracker.'

Michael Franti & Spearhead comes to mind when we hear Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, but what we appreciate most about MBF is that he removes the bubblegum reggae from Spearhead's roots rock styling and replaces it with a dash of somber integrity -- but just a dash. After all, this isn't a sad song; it's just one that we can take seriously while we dance. And if we didn't know better, we'd think that MBF hailed from Nola before Alberta.

Fitzgerald told about the organic tune, "I love 'Firecracker.' It's meant to be just a fun, feel good song. The tune came about organically. We wrote and recorded the first version in one day. I love tracking a vocal on the same day the song is written. The intent behind the words is fresh in the mind. Since then we've added, tweaked and removed elements leaving us with a drum-driven energetic track. My good friend Esthero added the icing to the cake with her guest vocal."

Grab 'Firecracker,' a song for fans of bonfires, singalongs, and impromptu dance moves, below.

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