When former R.E.M. frontman Micheal Stipe dropped out of the University of Georgia to pursue music back in the '80s, he probably didn't imagine that one day he'd get to teach an art class at NYU. But such is the case. Stipe is currently serving an artist residency at NYU's 80 WSE Gallery.

The exhibit is open now and will run until Nov. 8. Stipe is using the gallery space as an art studio, working while the gallery is closed to the public. When the gallery opens, visitors can see his various works in different stages as he completes them.

The man who so famously lost his religion will also teach a six-week undergraduate course. In it, he and other guests he invites will give the class a question or prompt from which the class will generate 100 images or GIFs. No word yet on whether Stipe's unclothed swimsuit area will make a return appearance, though.