Mike Harland -- a Toronto-based DJ, a former member of '90s Canadian indie band Acid Test and later a member of 10000 Watt Head -- has passed away. Details currently are few and far between, but according to a report on Spinner, Toronto music magazine NOW confirmed his death yesterday with a note on Twitter.

"RIP Mike Harland (10000 Watt Head, the Bagel, ect)," read the tweet posted yesterday. "Sad news for the Toronto indie scene."

Acid Test formed in 1990 and remained active for four years, issuing their sole major label album, 'Drop,' in 1993 before going on hiatus in 1994. The band opened for acts as diverse as Nine Inch Nails and reggae rapper Snow during its time together, and also recorded several songs that appeared on the soundtrack to the 1992 cult classic flick 'Highway 61.'

Harland would later go on to play bass and keyboards in 10000 Watt Head with former Arcade Fire member Dane Mills. "To be honest, we're just having fun right now," he said of the experimental noise collective back in 2006. "There's really only so far you can take a noise/improv band. For now, just fun times and trying to weasel into as many cool shows as possible."

10000 Watt Head split in 2009, according to a post on their MySpace page.  "10000 Watt Head is DEAD! RIP! Watch out for Mike and Dane's new band BLACK POWDER," read the message.

Funeral arrangements for Harland are pending as of press time.

Watch Mike Harland Perform With 10000 Watt Head