The Pixies' 'Where Is My Mind?' has been featured in major motion pictures, television shows, and commercials. Its latest appearance is in a Canadian milk ad sponsored by the Prairie Milk Marketing Partnership.

The commercial opens with a shot of a hockey player drinking milk. When he takes a hit on the ice, the ad transitions into a shot of the young man on a climbing wall.

The scene continues changing, with seamless edits following the guy through a karate class, band rehearsal, skateboarding, and a soccer game. The spot ends with the message, "Milk helps keep you going. Where you go is up to you."

The familiar riff of 'Where Is My Mind?' can be heard throughout the 60-second commercial, serving as the soundtrack for young man's athletic endeavors. 'Where Is My Mind?' has appeared in the movie 'Fight Club,' the show 'Criminal Minds,' and various other commercials over the years. The song is taken from the Pixies' influential 1988 album 'Surfer Rosa,' which Kurt Cobain cited as a major inspiration.

Watch the Pixies' 'Where Is My Mind' in the Milk Commercial