Covering a wide musical spectrum, it’s impossible to categorize Albany’s Mirk in any one genre. At times they exude indie and funk rock, others they’re blending pop and R&B into an intense alternative hip hop sound.

Regardless, there is no arguing that what they're doing is unique and cohesive, and makes for an entrancing listening experience. As they gear up for the release of their full-length record, ‘Run,’ next month, Diffuser is ecstatic to premiere the LP’s first track, ‘Rocketship,’ today (Jan. 16) -- check it out in the audio player below.

‘Rocketship’ is laced with catchy rhythms and impossibly perfect grooves, culminating in a rich and powerful preview of what’s to come with ‘Run.’

“We used a fair amount of effects to reinforce the spacey feel we were going for with ‘Rocketship,’” the band explains. “For example, the high hat has a flanger effect on it and the saxophone parts int the chorus and pre-breakdown are played on an electronic wind instrument, which is a midi controller that is played like a sax."

However they create their sound, we dig it and can't wait for 'Run' to hit the streets in February. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled to Mirk's official website here for all the latest happenings in their world.