There are tons of movie stars who want to be rock stars. Way more than we could ever contain in a single Top 10 list. Whether they're doing it as a favor for a friend or they're fans of the music or maybe they just needed a quick paycheck, these big-screen stars never seem to be totally slumming. In fact, some of these cameos feature the actors' best performances in years.

  • Fatboy Slim, 'Weapon of Choice'

    Christopher Walken busts some pretty great moves here. He made his living with his feet before he started freaking everyone the f--- out in movies like 'Pulp Fiction.' Seriously, the dude can move.

  • Father John Misty, 'Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings'

    The first video from Fleet Foxes' J. Tillman's latest project is all bloody noses, slow dancing and flashing red lights, with Aubrey Plaza having either the best or worst night of her life.

  • Islands, 'No You Don't'

    Scott Pilgrim -- or George Michael Bluth, depending on your perspective -- himself, Michael Cera, goes on a mystical trip that's either way cool or totally scary. Again, depending on your perspective.

  • LCD Soundsystem, 'Pow Pow'

    Oscar-nominated 'Up in the Air' star Anna Kendrick dazzles as a woman with a sparkly dress and an awesome super power up her sleeve. The soundtrack is pretty good, too.

  • Less Than Jake, 'She's Gonna Break Soon'

    'Gilmore Girls'' Alexis Bledel takes Less Than Jake's pop-punk song quite literally, throwing a hissy fit in her room and tearing apart almost everything in it. Until her friends show up and everything's OK.

  • Slow Club, 'Beginners'

    The British indie-folk duo Slow Club enlisted Daniel Radcliffe to show off a side we usually don't see from Harry Potter. The getting-drunk-and-angry-and-fall-down-stupid side.

  • Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, 'Talk About the Blues'

    John C. Reilly, Giovanni Ribisi and Winona Ryder fill in for the New York City noisemakers in this 1998 video. Besides her role in 'Black Swan,' it's by far the best thing Ryder's done since 'Reality Bites.'

  • Stone Temple Pilots, 'Sour Girl'

    Just when you think things can't get any weirder than a freak-dancing Scott Weiland hanging around a barren field with Teletubbies, along comes Sarah Michelle Geller to Buffy things up a bit.

  • Rufus Wainwright, 'Out of the Game'

    Helena Bonham Carter plays a bored librarian, complete with pinned-up hair and glasses, who takes her role in Wainwright's video to heart, lip-synching his lines and finally letting her hair down.

  • Butch Walker & the Black Widows, 'Synthesizers'

    Matthew McConaughey channels his skeevy stache-sporting 'Dazed and Confused' character in Walker's song about growing up and growing old as he looks back on more youthful times.