Based in New York City, the folk pop duo Morningsiders have just released their latest video for the track ‘Marigold Child.’ The beautiful song is captured with an intimate black-and-white performance, and you can check it out above.

Morningsiders features the songwriting skills of guitarist Magnus Ferguson and fiddler Reid Jenkins. You may recognize their music as their first single, ‘Empress,’ was featured in a Starbucks commercial for Mother’s Day this year.

‘Marigold Child’ is Magnus’ personal reflection of growing up in Houston, Texas -- and the subsequent feeling of losing what he considered his home before moving to New York City. He has a distinct voice that, while you may have not heard it before, has a hint of familiarity to it.

Ferguson and Jenkins formed Morningsiders after meeting at Columbia University during their sophomore year. The folk duo are planning to release their debut full-length album this winter along with scheduling a string of shows up and down the east coast. Stay up-to-date with the band’s happenings here.

Hear Morningsiders’ ‘Empress’ In Starbucks’ Teavana Commercial