Morrissey and his kitty want you to spay or neuter your pet. The longtime animal rights activist appears in a new PETA campaign that aims to reduce the number of homeless animals and also gives fans a chance to win a rare Smiths box set.

PETA writes that the singer, a vegetarian and participant of many PETA campaigns, wants to raise awareness of the animal overpopulation issue by encouraging fans to share his picture on Twitter and Facebook. Pitchfork reports that Morrissey issued a statement further explaining his stance:

"Despite the fact that they're incredibly intelligent, animals unfortunately haven’t yet worked out how to slip on a rubber, which is why thousands of them are being put to sleep in overcrowded shelters and thousands more are desperately waiting to be adopted. Letting cats or dogs have litters is tantamount to shooting shelter animals in the head since it kills their chances of adoption. Please do the right thing and spay or neuter your animals."

The pic in the ad appears similar to an image from 2010 photo shoot for Guardian Weekend, when Morrissey wore the cat on his head for no apparent reason.

As part of the campaign, PETA is giving away a copy of the Smiths' 'Complete (Deluxe Box Set),' a $500 package that includes all of the band's albums on CD and vinyl, all 25 of their singles on 7" vinyl, a DVD of the group's music videos, rare artwork and expanded liner notes,. Only 4,000 sets exist, and each is individually numbered. Fans can enter to win by joining PETA's mailing list before Aug. 13.

Morrissey hits the road for a two-month U.S. tour starting in October.