Morrissey has offered his congratulations to Ireland after the country became the very first to pass same-sex marriage by popular vote on Saturday (May 23).

“The people, once again, teach the church,” the former Smiths leader writes on an online Morrissey zine. “The people, once again, teach the politicians.”

However, Moz went on to urge the people of Ireland to maintain their momentum forward by taking steps toward animal rights, too. “Now, Ireland, please abolish fur farms and factory-farming and transportation of live animals, and welcome yourself completely into the 21st century,” he continues.

Of course, the English singer-songwriter has always been vocal about the humane treatment of animals. Last month, he addressed this an open letter to Al Gore and Kevin Wall, the co-founders of the Live Earth concert series, and asked that they make their annual event -- which is geared toward raising awareness around climate change -- entirely meat- and dairy-free.

“I am writing to ask you to do the one thing that will do the most good for the planet and the majority of its inhabitants: not serve meat or dairy products at Live Earth 2015,” he wrote. “I don’t mean offering a vegan option -- I mean not serving animal products at all.”

Morrissey is set to launch a U.S. tour this summer. He’ll kick things off in New Orleans on June 11, with the run of dates culminating on July 25 in San Jose. Check out a complete list of dates here.