Morrissey has gone on record to call out Paul McCartney for accepting the honor of knighthood by England's Queen Elizabeth II, and insists he would adamantly turn the so-called honor down if he were to ever get a similar offer. In fact, in an interview featured in the foreign-language blog ZulalMuzik, Morrissey even praises those who have rejected the title in the past.

"Obviously, when anyone is made 'Sir' or given a royal gong, it quietens them down and they trot into line," insists Moz. "I am proud of David Bowie for refusing a knighthood. ['Erin Brockovich' actor] Albert Finney also refused."

"The British royals are not royal to me," he continues. "They are cunning parasites, and it's quite breathtaking that the Queen has gotten away with it for so long."

McCartney was knighted -- which allows him to use the title “Sir” but carries no actual responsibilities, just bragging rights — by Queen Elizabeth II way back in 1997, so as for a reason why Morrissey is calling him out on it as of late is anybody's guess. But, if nothing else, the former Smiths singer need not worry about being put in such a similar situation -- after his comments, any sort of honor from the British royal family seems pretty unlikely.