It hasn’t been uncommon for Morrissey to cancel shows due to health issues, but last night (Nov. 19), the ex-Smiths frontman left the stage mid-show at Poland’s Klub Stodola when someone in attendance began yelling offensive comments about the singer’s recent cancer diagnosis.

Live Nation organizers posted to Facebook that “one of the spectators standing close to the scene said extremely offensive and chauvinistic words at the artist.” As a result, Morrissey stormed off stage just 25 minutes into the show.

A fan in the audience offered an account of the incident. “Someone just shouted out something about him having cancer and he asked security to remove him,” the fan said. “And then he just walked off stage and didn’t come back.”

The British singer-songwriter revealed his cancer diagnosis last month.

“They have scraped cancerous tissue four times already, but whatever,” he said in an interview. “If I die, then I die. And if I don’t, then I don’t. Right now, I feel good.”

Fans disappointed by the shortened concert have been offered free admission to Morrissey’s next show in Krakow.