In the span of a couple of decades, there are few cities that have become as important to the constantly burgeoning indie rock scene as Seattle -- and one of the town's premier acts that has been grabbing our attention as of late is the six-piece outfit known as Motopony. As we near the end of 2014, they are still celebrating the release of their latest EP, ‘Idle Beauty,’ and we are thrilled to help with the festivities by unveiling the music video for ‘Get Down (Come Up).’ Check it out above.

When we partnered with Motopony for this song’s lyric video earlier this year, the band told us ‘Get Down (Come Up)’ is a “simple vibration ... if you’re not shaking through space, you’re just dead potential, like an unplucked string.” As for the track's official music video? It has it all, from space and stars to woods and owls -- really, really weird owls.

“In this video, we wanted to explore the otherworldly nature of inspiration and the pursuit of the muse,” Motopony explain. “People are always asking us, ‘How do you write your songs,’ and the answer to that question is never a straight line or clear narrative. Often in a creative cycle there are deep lows and epic highs -- get down, come up -- and then you hire a dance troupe from Chicago and your director takes the 'owl metaphor' to an uncharted universe.”

The band goes on, “The moral of this story? Never leave a red pony alone in the woods -- and, thanks to everyone from our community and beyond who came together to make this happen.”

If you like what you hear, do everything you can to seek out Motopony's 'Idle Beauty' for even more flawless indie rock. And make sure to visit the band's official website for everything happening in their world, including their full tour schedule (which includes a couple of shows already scheduled for 2015).