So many free music downloads, so little time. There’s a lot of great music being given away on, but who has the time to track it all down? We do! Each and every week, scours the site for the latest in alternative and indie music downloads, then compiles it all in one place. The results are what you have laid out for you below —’s guide to the best free alternative music downloads on

Brick and Mortar, 'Bangs' [Download]
The New Jersey electronica duo hammers out layers of drum machines, fuzzy bass and otherworldly keyboards that coalesce into three minutes of catchy, rock-tinged industrial anti-anthem.

Caravan Palace, 'Dirty Side' [Download]
The French electroswing collective mashes together wobbly bass and digitized beats with swinging horns and sampled jazz singing, creating a schizophrenic dance track like you've never heard before.

Magic Wands, 'Space ( Live in NYC Version)' [Download]
The Tennessean dream pop duo stretches out on this live version of 'Space' from their recent 'Aloha Moon' album, adding live drums and roaring guitar to the previously lithe and limber electro arrangement.

Vacationer, 'Trip ( Live in NYC Version)' [Download]
Here, there's a band and a song that both live up to their vibe. This live recording of 'Trip' finds Vacationer getting down with tribal drumming, field recordings and a variety of mellowed hippie-ish instruments on top of a slightly psychedelic sound collage that's hard to wrap your head around. Buy the ticket, take the ride.