So many free music downloads, so little time. There’s certainly a lot of great music being given away these days on, but who has the time to track it all down? We do! Each and every week, scours the site for the latest in alternative and indie music downloads, then compiles it all in one place. The results are what you have laid out for you below --’s guide to the best free alternative music downloads on

Craig Wedren, 'Get Your Body' [Download]
Former Shudder to Think singer with the pipes of an opera star -- think Freddie Mercury meets Luciano Pavarotti, actually -- trades in the angular post-punk of his yesteryear for a bizarre brand of dance pop that's just as easy to chill out to as it is to go cut a rug.

Bonaventure, 'Gaining Speed' [Download]
This Nashville rock duo sure knows how to craft a glossy and grandiose rocker, triangulating Kings of Leon, Matchbox Twenty and Maroon 5 into a sound that we wouldn't be surprised to see blow up on the charts very soon.

Mark Durplass, 'Big Machine' [Download]
Actor/director Mark Durplass ('Jeff, Who Lives At Home') performs this Ryan Miller-penned song that serves as the theme music to the indie flick 'Safety Not Guaranteed,' which opened last week and stars Aubrey Plaza of 'Parks and Recreations' alongside -- you guessed it -- Mark Durplass. Nice, straightforward pop rock.

Warm Weather, 'So Far/Vertigo' [Download]
Imagine Vampire Weekend's Afro-pop thrown into a blender and turned into a fun, fruity drink to sip on during your next tropical island vacation. In other words, sugary deliciousness.

AACT RAAISE, 'So We Are' [Download]
This Norwegian duo creates chill electronica verging on atmospheric shoe gaze that apparently samples everything from Orange Juice to Hall and Oates, although we don't hear any of those crazy sound bits on this track. But what we do hear on 'So We Are,' we really like.