So many free music downloads, so little time. There’s certainly a lot of great music being given away these days on, but who has the time to track it all down? We do! Each and every week, scours the site for the latest in alternative and indie music downloads, then compiles it all in one place. The results are what you have laid out for you below —’s guide to the best free alternative music downloads on

Yonder Mountain String Band, 'Out of the Blue' [Download]
The Colorado-based bluegrass quartet lives up to its name and more with an amalgam of roots and rock that highlights Dave Johnson’s lighting-fast banjo finger picking and Jeff Austin’s mandolin mayhem.

George Kamel, 'Mockingbird '[Download]
This Canadian singer-songwriter looks to recapture the success of his Grammy-nominated 2006 track 'Bad Day' with a downtempo acoustic number that pairs sparkly guitar riffs with plaintive harmonica, serving as a folk-infused bed for his gorgeous voice.

Oceanics, 'Jukebox' [Download]
Australian indie pop quartet (not to be confused with the '90s techno crew Oceanic) glides through an undeniably catchy number destined for jukebox glory -- if only jukeboxes were still glorious. Instead, the track off their 'Bright People' seems aimed at another target: America.

Brennan Dylan, 'Burning' [Download]
This lo-fi guitar virtuoso with the true chops of a metal ax madman shreds on top of drum machine beats and knob-twiddling electronic weirdness, with stream of consciousness lyrics thrown of top for good measure.

Orbo and the Longshots, 'Highway Tears' [Download]
A Norwegian quintet with the heart and soul of a '90s throwback rock band from the American South, Orbo and his pals look to make headway in America with their Stateside debut album, 'Prairie Sun.' This Black Crowes-meets-Tom-Cochran rocker is the first single.

Girlyman, “Empire of our State”[Download]
"[We] try not take ourselves too seriously," multi-instrumentalist Nate Borofsky says of the unusual name selected by this New York-based quartet, which displays its penchant for acoustic guitars, rising melodies and lyrical wordplay on their latest single, an ode to the state that they call home.