Nobody ever accused Mudhoney of being on "some grandiose trip," but that doesn't stop singer Mark Arm from professing his preference for the little things in life in 'I Like It Small,' the new single off the veteran grunge act's latest album, 'Vanishing Point.' The 'Small' video captures that sentiment well with its obviously miniscule budget. Shot in one take, the clip shows Arm and the boys rocking out in a tiny practice space, which only gets more crowded when a group of energetic fans crash the joint, dancing, frolicking and generally looking like they're having a blast.

And they should be having a blast: Sometimes, it's the little things -- like appearing in a Mudhoney video -- that offer the biggest thrills. And for those of us who didn't get to make a Mudhoney video cameo, the next best thing may be catching the band live. Check out their updated itinerary, which is now scheduled through an Oct. 2 gig in Atlanta, here.