Mumford and Sons are no strangers to the music festival circuit, having played gigs at Lollapalooza, SXSW, Coachella and more. However, the U.K. folk stars hope to one day headline Glastonbury in their home country.

The Glastonbury Festival takes place every June in Pilton, Somerset, England, and is one of the largest events of its kind. Over 135,000 music lovers attended the three-day weekend celebration last year. Contact Music reports that keyboardist and accordion player Ben Lovett is making it a goal for his band to have a headline slot at Glastonbury, but feels they aren't ready for it right now.

''I'd love to headline Glastonbury, but in 10 years time," Lovett says. "I feel we should put out a few more albums before doing something as prestigious as that. We're headlining RockNess and that's a bit of a victory for us. But Glastonbury is the biggest festival in the world.'

Mumford and Sons are prepping for the release of their second studio album this fall. It will be the long awaited follow-up to their 2009 breakthrough disc, 'Sigh No More.' The unexpected success of 'Sigh No More' is a big reason why fans had to wait three years for a new record.

''We didn't end up starting until late summer last year," frontman Marcus Mumford tells NME. "We'd do a session then go on tour, do another session and go on another tour. It went on and on. It definitely slowed the whole process down. And songs kept cropping up when we were recording. Five or six songs were written during recording that we felt needed the attention the other songs had received. So we recorded them all. Some made it, some didn't.''