Eager to hear what Mumford and Sons have in store for you on their upcoming album? Well, they aren't giving away any secrets -- not yet. But they have posted a brief-yet-intriguing trailer for the new LP, due for release this fall.

As NME reports, the trailer -- originally titled 'The Troubled Boys School,' but now simply named 'Coming Soon...' -- depicts quick-cut scenes of courtyard revelry, interspersed with gloomier-looking clips of the party's aftermath, complete with a horse, overturned furniture, and a shot of the band members sitting glumly on a bench.

The 36-second video closes with a screen showing a drawing of a man wearing a top hat and a series of flags below, which have apparently been decoded using maritime signals to read 'Babel.' Is it the album title? Will the new music reflect the trailer's old-timey carnival vibe? Will we have to swim out to sea to pick up our copies of the record? The band isn't saying.

Those aren't the only details currently shrouded in mystery. After band member Ben Lovett told fans the new record would be out on September 24, a Mumford rep contradicted him in a statement to Billboard, saying, "It could be the date, but I think [Lovett] said that a bit prematurely." Who knew British folk rock could be so mysterious?

Watch the Mumford and Sons New Album Trailer