My Morning Jacket singer Jim James will drop his forthcoming solo album in 2013. According to the musician, the record will be "mellow" and "different."

James is currently focusing his attention on touring with My Morning Jacket in continued support of their sixth full-length record, 'Circuital.' The Louisville, Ky. band will head to Europe in a couple of weeks for a string of festival appearances. They will then make their return to the States in August to tour with Band of Horses. According to James, My Morning Jacket don't plan their set list until the day of a show.

"You're not always sure what'll happen in a given night," James tells Rolling Stone. "I've been trying to be more open to just letting things go. Some nights you're feeling really good and you're ready to rock, and other nights, if you're sick or you're tired, you get into more of a dark groove and you wanna follow a different path."

Once My Morning Jacket take a break from touring, James will turn his attention to his solo LP. While MMJ fans will recognize that it's the frontman's work, he emphasizes that it won't be a carbon copy of one of their albums.

"It's done," James says. "I think it's gonna come out in early February of next year. I think people who are fans of My Morning Jacket will obviously recognize some things on there, my voice and stuff like that. It's got some mellow stuff on there, but it's also got some really different stuff. I'm really proud of it. I think it's got some different soundscapes that I've been into that maybe have been hidden on some Jacket records."