As we reported just a couple of days ago, Neil Young has announced details for his latest full-length record, 'Storytone.' More than a standard Young album, 'Storytone' will feature the iconic singer doing just that: singing. No musical notes will be played by Young; instead, the music will be handled by a 92-piece orchestra. Giving fans the first visual glimpse at the recording process, Young has shared a video of 'Who's Gonna Stand Up?' You can check it out above.

Young is in another room while his imagery and shots of pollution are spotlighted on a giant screen in the orchestra's studio. It's an interesting collaboration, and this peek behind-the-scenes only intrigues us more.

'Storytone' is set for release on Nov. 4. For more info, visit Young's official website here.

Neil Young ‘Storytone’ Track Listing
1. ‘Plastic Flowers’
2. ‘Who’s Gonna Stand Up?’
3. ‘I Want to Drive My Car’
4. ‘Glimmer’
5. ‘Say Hello to Chicago’
6. ‘Tumbleweed’
7. ‘Like You Used to Do’
8. ‘I’m Glad I Found You’
9. ‘When I Watch You Sleeping’
10. ‘All Those Dreams’