The New Pornographers are in excellent form these days, and the video for 'Dancehall Domine' is no exception to this trend. It's infatuated with television and pop culture and features bandmates Carl Newman and Kathryn Calder crooning their falsetto choruses on the different sets of some vaguely nightmarish TV studio.

The production team Leblanc + Cudmore, who made the video, are no strangers to strangeness. They've produced intriguing videos for bands like F---ed Up, Timber Timbre and Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks. Cudmore said in a press release that he loves behind-the-scenes footage and wanted to show that with 'Dancehall Domine.'

‘Dancehall Domine’ is meant to feel like a whole bunch of those clips sort of strung together as if they’re taken from some fucked up Italian or French musical maybe. Or a bunch of fragments from films like that—thrillers, bad romances, in one case we’re clearly referencing Clouzot’s famous L’enfer tests. We even have the man himself in there!

The New Pornographers are gearing up for a North American tour this fall in support of their new album, 'Brill Bruisers.' The tour starts Oct. 3. For dates, check their website here.