It's probably been said, and it'll probably be said again, but there's an Adele-quality to Nicky Egan’s soulful croon. The comparison is almost too easy, though. We’d be remiss were we not to mention Egan's voice is less pristine -- in the best way possible.

There’s an emotive break in the songstress’ voice that tells listeners she’s been feeling what she’s been writing for about a million years, despite the fact she’s only in her mid-20s.

It’s with a Ray Charles-like swagger that Egan sings, “Take what’s yours and hit the road” — a similar sentiment to the one made famous by Charles — on ‘Made a Fool of Me,’ today’s free MP3. The track is the first of a three-part series of digital 45s Egan will compile into an EP due out in September.

“‘Made a Fool of Me’ is the first A-side off my new EP, ‘The 45 Homestead Project,’” Egan tells “I wrote the song late one night as a response to frustrations I was feeling with a couple different things going on at the time. My guitarist helped me tweak it, and when I put my ideas to paper, it became this sort of heartbreaking soul tune.”

Heartbreaking, yes, but we’re willing to guess whoever made a fool of Egan is feeling pretty foolish now.

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