When listening to Night Riots, it’s easy to hear certain influences -- from the pop rock side of U2 to the piercing musical foundation of the Smashing Pumpkins -- but there’s no single sound that can describe the west coast act. Night Riots have been coalescing different brands of music into their own personally unique and consistently powerful genre for the last few years.

That convergence of sounds is no more apparent than in their brand new track, ‘Oh My Heart,’ debuting exclusively on Diffuser today (Aug. 22) in the audio player below.

Vocalist Travis Hawley tells us, “We recorded ‘Oh My Heart’ at Palmquist Studios in East L.A. while simultaneously filming a music video for ‘Back to Your Love,’ our last single off ‘Young Lore.’”

While some bands might find it hard to revisit an older song while working on new music, Night Riots almost seem to welcome it. “We really wanted to try something different with this song and to push ourselves out of our creative comfort zone,” he explains. “We are extremely happy with out it came out and feel it’s a cool progression for the band.”

Night Riots are currently wrapping up a string of headlining shows in California, finishing on Aug. 29 in San Luis Obispo. Get their full schedule here.