SoCal rockers Night Riots have been out on tour as of late in support of their recently issued ‘Young Lore’ EP. Featuring a winning balance of pop-infused hooks and moodier nuances, the 6-track release should appeal to fans of groups like Imagine Dragons, White Lies and The Killers. has been running a series of exclusive blogs from Night Riots these past few weeks and today we’re excited to bring you the third installment.

Night Riots drummer Rico Rodriguez checks in from the road:

"Driving through the Arizona desert made me feel a bit like a storm chaser. The weather in this state seems to have multiple personality disorder; it just can't decide what it wants to be so it is just everything at once. Below is a photo of heavy rains in about 90 degree weather but what you can't see in that picture is that in front of us there is an intimidating sand storm approaching and all of us Cali dudes have no idea what to do with something like that. Do we stop the van? Is there a cursed mummy approaching? Do we need Aladdin's lamp? Sand storms are disconcerting."

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