The Nikon Coolpix S3500 keeps memories alive, a recent ad suggests. The quirky clip finds a young woman flipping through photos on her camera while her unusual "roommates" carry on around her. The commercial features the song ‘Welcome Home’ by Ben Cooper, who performs under the moniker Radical Face.

The feelgood tune is from Cooper’s concept album ‘Ghost,’ which hit stores in 2007 via Morr Music. In addition to appearing in the Nikon commercial (watch below), it was used in 2011 ads for the University of Oregon and Chevrolet. You may have also heard it in ‘Humboldt County,’ ‘Forks Over Knives,’ ‘The Vicious Kind,’ ‘The Swiss Machine’ and ‘Skins.’

“When the forceful strums and clattering background percussion of ‘Welcome Home’ turns around into the soaring wordless chorus, all available space is filled and the pang of longing feels real,” Pitchfork wrote in a 2007 review.

“The wordless chorus to Radical Face’s ‘Welcome Home’ is maybe the most joyful piece of music you’ll hear all year, as effortlessly buoyant as Grizzly Bear, as ecstatically non-linear as Animal Collective,” wrote PopMatters.

According to Radical Face's official site, he plans to release a new record in the fall and embark on a European tour in November.

Hear Radical Face’s ‘Welcome Home’ in the Nikon Coolpix 2013 Commercial