Don't call it a comeback. No Doubt have been here for years ... and years and years. They may have taken a break, but the time apart doesn't mean they've missed a step. More than a decade after releasing their latest album, 2001's 'Push and Shove' -- and two decades after dropping their self-titled debut disc -- the veteran ska-punk-reggae-fusion-alt-rock act is getting ready for the arrival of its latest disc, 'Push and Shove,' which drops Sept. 25. For a taste of things to come, check out first single, 'Settle Down.'

So, where on the ska-punk-reggae-fusion-alt-rock spectrum does 'Settle' land? Honestly, like most No Doubt songs, it's all over the map, although a distinct dance hall Jamaican groove is pervasive throughout the tune. The verses almost sound like they could have come from the more pop-focused platters singer Gwen Stephani has been churning out in recent years, while the choruses recall some old-school No Doubt vibes. There's even a distinctly Indian vibe at the beginning. Looks like their map is getting even bigger.

No Doubt recently filmed the big budget 'Settle Down' video over the course of two days with frequent collaborator Sophie Muller, and the results were teased with an awesomely fun preview clip to tide fans over until the full video comes out.

Listen to No Doubt, 'Settle Down'