Noah and the Whale fans were gutted when the London folk rock band decided to part ways earlier this month. However, as we previously reported, the now ex-members have been working on their own solo material, and Fred Abbott is the first to reveal some new tunes.

"Funny How Good It Feels" is the guitarist and piano player's new track, and while Noah and the Whale have been known for their more serious and somber folk music, this song sounds like the complete opposite. Abbott's influence of Tom Petty is obvious -- from the vibe of the track to that impeccable guitar solo.

"No regrets brimming out the back of my mind / No crying, no waste of time / Now leaving all those doubts behind," he sings on the second verse -- stream and download the track below:

“If you attended a Noah and the Whale soundcheck at any time in the last five years then you probably heard me, Urby, Mike and Tom jamming some of these songs," Abbott said in a statement via The Guardian. "Last year while the band was on hiatus I took the opportunity to record them properly, with the boys from NATW and some other talented friends. Now that Noah has officially split the time seems right to put this stuff out there. Enjoy!”

"Funny How Good It Feels" is the first single off Abbott's upcoming album, Serious Poke, which is set to release on July 20 via LoJinx.