Noel Gallagher is still fresh off the release of his sophomore solo album, Chasing Yesterday, and has been hard at work touring in support of his latest effort with his High Flying Birds. However, he recently revealed on his website that he’s been playing through a nasty chest infection.

“Paris in the spring is quite frankly… well just beautiful. Love that town… The gig was great too,” he wrote, but he went on to note that he was feeling under the weather, “Still got this bloody cold. It’s starting to feel more like a chest infection now though. It’s beginning to piss me off. Good job Nancy is coming to Milan with some antibiotics… gotta clear this s--- up once and for all.”

Later, he said he did get the medication, but it was postponed in favor of some drinking.

“Nancy did arrive with the medication, but she was cracking foxy and we somehow managed to get roaring drunk instead,” he wrote. “I guess the meds can wait until tomorrow, eh? I’m f---ed… can’t believe I now have to go and do something live Italian TV?! Keep it livid, yeah? Onwards.”

Here’s hoping Gallagher gets better soon! His illness certainly hasn’t slowed him down while on tour, which included a recent stop where the High Flying Birds frontman was visited by his brother and ex-Oasis bandmate Liam Gallagher. The brotherly display of affection has us crossing our fingers for a reunion sometime in the near future, however, Noel recently said that would require a steep paycheck -- half a billion to be exact.