Noel Gallagher has been doing well as a solo artist, backed by his High Flying Birds band. The former Oasis guitarist released the group's self-titled album last October and has now premiered the video for their latest single, 'Everybody's on the Run.'

Gallagher had already told everyone that former 'O.C.' star Mischa Barton would star in the 'Everybody's on the Run' clip. That is indeed the case, as the actress plays a passenger in Gallagher's taxi. The video -- filmed in Los Angeles, Calif. -- features various characters aside from Barton's. A young man wakes up wearing nothing but a robe and leopard boxers and runs downstairs expecting a package. Another male is on his skateboard for a nice stroll around L.A.

Things start to pick up when Barton arrives at her destination and accidentally gets her dress caught in the cab door. Gallagher drives away and tears her dress off, revealing more leopard undergarments. The guy in the robe opens his package and enjoys the new kicks he just got, until the skateboarder rolls by and steals them away. Naturally, chases ensue and the end of the video looks like an Axe commercial. Watch everything unfold below.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds are currently traveling through the festival circuit in Europe. The band will remain overseas for the rest of the year, so it may be awhile until we see them back in the United States.

Watch the Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds 'Everybody's on the Run' Video Starring Mischa Barton