Good news for Noel Gallagher fans: The former Oasis songwriter and current solo act recently said that he will keep on making music as long possible.

"I don’t see a time when I’ll retire," he told the Sun. "I never see a time when I'll pack in, especially if I'm still writing. What else am I going to do? There's only so much TV you can watch."

Gallagher cited the Rolling Stones as a role model, possibly the only time in Gallagher's life that he has preferred the Stones over the Beatles, while admitting that "it's easier for a solo artist."

But don't expect him to be doing Mick Jagger's rooster strut any time soon. "As the song goes, I haven’t got moves like Jagger -- I’ve more got moves like [former Stones bassist Bill] Wyman," he continued. Wyman had to have been doing something right with his moves. In his 1997 memoir, 'Stone Alone,' Wyman claimed to have slept with over 1,000 women in his days with the Stones.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds will begin a two-month tour of Europe on Aug. 16. They will begin a North American tour on Oct. 23 in Portland, playing 14 dates before concluding on Nov. 9 in Houston.