In the current issue of NME, a number of well-known musicians talk about the music that changed their lives -- songs or albums that inspired them or helped them through difficult times. For the famously ego-friendly Noel Gallagher, the choice was easy -- and, naturally, it was one of his own songs.

"When I wrote 'Live Forever,'" Gallagher answered simply in response to the question, referencing the third track from Oasis' debut album, 1994's 'Definitely Maybe.' And though his choice might seem a tad self-centered, it's easy to understand why he made it -- Gallagher wrote 'Live Forever' while working at a menial job and dreaming of a different life, and it was also the song that inspired his brother Liam to ask Noel to join Oasis.

'Live Forever' ultimately went on to become the third single from 'Definitely Maybe,' following a pair of modest hits with the band's first major success, breaking the UK Top 10 and rising all the way to Number Two on Billboard's Modern Rock Chart.

In 2006, 'Live Forever' topped a Q poll ranking the greatest songs of all time, indicating that as much as it may have changed Gallagher's life, it's had a pretty major impact on the lives of many others. Are you one of them?