Making it big in the music business takes a lot of talent, hard work, and luck -- if you're lucky enough to do it once as the member of one of the world's biggest-selling bands, chances are you won't be able to duplicate the feat with a solo career. To his credit, former Oasis guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher has publicly admitted this -- but in typical Gallagher fashion, he mixed that dash of humility with a whole bunch of boasting.

Gallagher's comments were aired during a recent BBC documentary, the sensibly titled 'Mark Lawson Talks To Noel Gallagher.' Talking about stepping out on his own after the end of his former band, he admitted that he doesn't expect his current and future projects to top the sales success he enjoyed earlier in his career -- but only because he set the bar so high. "Nothing anybody does can be as big as Oasis," he argued. "Not Coldplay, not Kasabian, not the Arctic Monkeys, in this country not U2, not any of them, its as simple as that."

Reiterating that he isn't the only one in Oasis' shadow, he elaborated, "It's not only me that lives up to that legacy, everyone else has too. We were the last. We were the greatest. The end."

And how did they get to be the greatest? Gallagher wasn't shy about taking the lion's share of the credit. "I've had this reputation since the band have split up for being called a control freak. And I was," he admitted. "I controlled them all the way to Wembley and Knebworth and all the way to the top of the charts. So you're welcome."

Gallagher's latest project, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, will release a 12" vinyl EP on Record Store Day. Titled 'Songs from the Great White North,' it collects four previously unreleased B-sides, none of which will ever be as popular as any of Oasis' greatest hits. You're welcome.