Earlier this year, Nostalghia -- a trio fronted by Ciscandra Nostalghia -- released their debut full-length album, 'Chrysalis,' via 110 Recordings. Hardly run-of-the-mill alternative rock, Nostalghia combine essences of jazz and classical music with rock and roll to produce a mesmerizing, romantic and monumental sound. Today (Oct. 7), Diffuser is thrilled to debut the band's brand-new music video for the hauntingly beautiful 'Sunshiny Milk.' Check it out in the video above.

"Essentially, this video was solely based on performance," the frontwoman explains to us. "I wanted to create a vibe, mood, atmosphere that captured what Nostalghia are truly about. When you break us down, as a band, what you're left with is a palpitating gut. It's a bit ironic to combine raw emotion with an ethereal setting, but ultimately that is how I feel as a human being, and it's also what best reflects the band."

That throbbing energy from the video is built on a musical foundation of multi-instrumentalist Roy Gnan and cellist Adele Stein, with Nostalghia's gorgeous vocals and lyrics in the spotlight. Singing, "Nothing can stop me / Nothing is real" and "I'm f---ed in the head / But you know I love you," fans are immediately transported into the band's universe.

Nostalghia goes on, "I wanted this to simply and beautifully capture the honesty of cut-throat performance. I knew that the perfect person to film this was Ethan Chancer. Very rarely do you find a director who sees the magic of mistake, of fleeting rebellion -- someone that truly just wants to capture whatever you are as an artist and whatever you are in the moment. He allowed me to be me, finding gorgeousness in the angle and relationship to the camera."

"I think some people tend to play it a bit safe, forgetting that sensuality never came from coloring inside the lines," she humbly admits. "I like to touch on safety so I can feel what it really means when I break it. I realized through this video what it truly takes to make something I am proud of -- mutual trust, a concept that must come from synergetic alignment of multiple forces ready and willing to bear all skin."

Nostalghia have a handful of dates scheduled through October, including an appearance at the Austin City Limits Music Festival on Oct. 12. Check out their full tour itinerary below, and stay up-to-date with everything going on with the band at their official website here.

Nostalghia October 2014 Tour
Oct. 8: Louisville, Ky. -- Mercury Ballroom
Oct. 9: Birmingham, Al. -- Iron City
Oct. 11: Baton Rouge, La. -- Varsity Theatre
Oct. 12: Austin, Texas -- Austin City Limits Music Festival
Oct. 25: Las Vegas, Nev. -- Life Is Beautiful Festival