After a recent concert (Oct. 30) at the Echo in Los Angeles, Brooklyn alt-country outfit O’Death suffered a frustrating loss. Their van, known affectionately as the Maroon Cocoon, and equipment trailer were stolen -- inside were all of their instruments, personal belongings and merchandise, including hundreds of copies of their newest album, ‘Out of Hands We Go.’

While this isn’t the first story of a band experiencing a loss like this, O’Death’s fans have far exceeded expectations. In a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money to replace everything, over 450 fans came together and raised more than $20,000 in just two days. In a recent update, the band says, “The support we’ve received is so humbling. It’s amazing -- and we thank everyone so much.”

O’Death are committed to playing more shows and are still focused on their future recording projects, but they are worried about what they’ll be able to do without recouping this massive loss.

“We’ve literally just lost every asset,” the band says on their GoFundMe page. “A lot of our tools are not instruments that can be bought in a music shop -- they are pieces we found on the side of the road along our journey. They are irreplaceable ... We don’t want to give up on this tour -- we really believe in this album -- we’ve been working on this tour to support this album since before the winter ended, and if we can’t finish it, it will feel like 2014 is lost!”

If you would like to support O'Death in their efforts, head over to their campaign page; as you can imagine, every penny counts.

In the meantime, enjoy a few O'Death tracks in the player below: