It wouldn't be too much of a stress to claim that Of Monsters and Men are in the middle of what could be the indie rock success story of the year: Icelandic Folk Poppers Make Good, Top Charts in America. Their breakthrough single, 'Little Talks,' is a bespoke fit for the airwaves right now, mashing together the anthemic folkiness of Arcade Fire and the erstwhile pep of Mumford and Sons. Atop of all that, the song is pretty fantastic, to boot.

Not sure who was asking for a bloghouse remix of the song, though. But it happened, thanks to Passion Pit, and wow: This track is straight fire.

Usually, remixes of soft songs fall on their face before the chorus. They're built on kitsch or juxtaposition for its own sake or even meant as a bit of a joke. But Passion Pit have managed to transpose the song, melodies, and structure of the original into a synthed out, sample-heavy, vocodered, club-ready track to raise raise eyebrows and shake butts.

This writer may be DJing a party this weekend, and you'd better believe that this track is getting dropped when it's time to ratchet up the dance floor. If that's not a seal of approval, we don't know what is.

Listen to Of Monsters and Men, 'Little Talks' (Passion Pit Remix)