No offense, but some people are way too easily offended – especially when it comes to music. While it's true musicians (the relatively famous ones, at least) can make an indelible mark on listeners, it's dangerous to look to them as any sort of moral compass or to consider them role models. Because, let's face it, music is just art -- and the purpose of art isn't to push any ideological agenda; the purpose is to elicit a feeling or a thought.

We considered the below look at offensive band names in 2016, after an Ohio concert promoter canceled an upcoming show with Canadian indie outfit Viet Cong due to the controversial nature of their name and its connection to the Vietnam War. Although the members of the band (who formed in 2012) said they didn't even realize the actual origin of the name (they said the Viet Cong were just typically the bad guys in '80s war movies), that seemed to only further anger those who were already outraged. The band subsequently changed its name to Preoccupations.

So below, we spotlight 27 of the most offensive band names ever. Of course, everybody has a different interpretation of what's over the line (or if a line should exist at all), but to cover our backs, we'll just make this obvious statement: Some of the band names (even censored) aren't exactly the safest for work.