After releasing her uplifting dance track, 'Head Up High,' Oh Land mellows out on her new single and title track of her upcoming album, 'Earth Sick.' Listen to it above.

Driven by slow-paced beats and an ethereal synth melody, the Danish singer slows things down with this new tune. While she sang about getting out of a rut and moving on with 'Head Up High,' 'Earth Sick' brings us to the moment before the closure -- the time when she's still trying to accept that the love she thought she had is no longer real.

"Who do you root for / Deep in the touch you're / Waking up my senses / All this time I didn't know how / Pulling your hair out / Wipe all the years off / Hiding all the skin / You washed out every sense of me," she sings in a achingly breathy voice.

Instead of sharing more hot photos of herself in the video, she decided to use an image of all the lyrics to the song written in her own penmanship:


'Earth Sick' is set for release on Nov. 10 on Tusk or Tooth via Kobalt Label Services.