Based in Brooklyn, Old Monk is a trio specializing in a kind of jangly indie-pop that also carries a raw spirit that brings to mind those classic garage rock 45s of the late ‘60s. The group recently released 'Volcanic Prisons,' their fourth and final single of 2013, which is leading up to their sophomore album which will come out next year. is proud to bring you the exclusive premiere of the video for 'Volcanic Prisons.' "For this video I made on a 120 x 50 pixel canvas, and then put in order to tell the a story of man who has an unfortunate boating accident," Old Monk singer/guitarist and director Josh Carrafa tells "Within these important 12,684,000 pixels lie many important comments on modern society: the struggle of the adventurer represents the struggle of musicians in the digital era, the robots' bloodlust represents the people's unquenchable thirst for free music, and the tiger represents a tiger.  Or wait, maybe the robots are musicians and the tiger is the thirst for music? Or is the adventurer the tiger?  Actually never mind, I don't know how allegories work."

In addition to recording the new album, Old Monk has been performing throughout the northeast, including the CMJ Music Marathon last month, and will perform in Brooklyn, at Matchless, on Dec. 6.  Each single has been followed up by an 8-bit digital video created by Carrafa, who also runs the website, which had garnered praise in North America and Europe.