Haunting, impressionistic, and melancholic, the new video for 'Arrow Drawn' by haze-pop duo Orcas is like turning a kaleidoscope of a friend's post-break-up memories.

Just as the song's layers float into one another, so do the visuals: out-of-focus outlines of guitars, trees and twigs brush against one side of a conversation. Flowers, wings, and fur; ripples of a pond repeated and spliced, a peacock reflected on itself, images all narcotic and surreal. The video manages to be both hectic and peaceful, full of quick cuts and interlaced edits, while the visuals form an extension of the sounds, splintered parts forming a lucid whole . It's like a dream.

Songwriter Benoît Pioulard and composer Rafael Anton Irisarri -- the guys behind Orcas and their self-titled debut album, out now -- partnered with director Sean Curtis Patrick to make this sour-sweet shoegaze confection. Sitting dejectedly before a window, Pioulard sings that "he never wanted to find out your real name," as Irisarri's subtle piano lingers beneath his voice. With a song as lovely as it is sad, and a video as bright as it is dark, 'Arrow Drawn' makes for an absorbing five minutes.

Close the other tabs, put this on full screen, and dissolve for a while.

Watch Orca's ‘Arrow Drawn’ Video