Parade of Lights unveiled their video for ‘We’re the Kids’ a little more than a week ago, and today, is pleased to premiere an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at its making.

The Tim Mattia-directed clip features four teens -- who, we might add, look like miniature versions of the L.A. indie rockers -- breaking into an empty home. Instead of wreaking havoc, though, the foursome uses household objects to build what drummer Anthony Improgo aptly describes as Jenga-like sculptures.

Production designer Alessandro Marvelli helped create the intricate structures. In the BTS clip, he says he attempted to design the arrangements from a youthful perspective in order to capture the spirit of Parade of Lights’ anthemic tune.

“Making the video for ‘We’re the Kids’ was a fantastic experience,” the band tells “Tim Mattia is a visionary and was able to capture the essence of the song in a visual format that we hope everybody can relate to.”

'We're the Kids' is available now on iTunes.