Parquet Courts are one busy band. Aside from randomly changing the spelling of their name to Parkay Quarts, the indie favorites are set to release their second album of 2014 soon; 'Content Nausea' follows the critically acclaimed 'Sunbathing Animal' by a mere five months. The new release features 12 new tracks and clocks in at a brisk 35 minutes. It hits the digital world on Nov. 11, followed by a physical release on Dec. 2, via the What's Your Rupture? label.

The first showing from the album, 'Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth,' carries shades of Lou Reed, and to good effect. Throughout the album there are other surprises as well, including covers of the 13th Floor Elevators' 'Slide Machine' and the Nancy Sinatra classic, 'These Boots Are Made for Walking.'

Listen to 'Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth' below:

According to a press release for the album, the band has been going through changes with one member completing a degree in mathematics, and another starting a family. Due to this, the new album is centered mostly around the work of Andrew Savage and Austin Brown, with help from some outside friends. This could, in part, be the reason for the alternating spelling of the name.

In addition, the band are heading out on tour, billing themselves at some shows as Parquet Courts, others as Parkay Quarts, and a few as PCPC, which also includes members of PC Worship. A few of the dates also include Thurston Moore. You can see the itinerary (and 'Content Nausea' track list) below.

'Content Nausea' Track List
1. Everyday It Starts
2. Content Nausea
3. Urban Ease
4. Slide Machine
5. Kevlar Walls
6. Pretty Machines
7. Psycho Structures
8. The Map
9. These Boots
10. Insufferable
11. No Concept
12. Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth

Parquet Courts, Parkay Quarts, and PCPC Tour Dates
Oct. 21: Brooklyn, N.Y. (as PCPC) w/ Thurston Moore
Oct. 22: Boston, Mass.(as PCPC) w/ Thurston Moore
Oct. 24: Providence, R.I. (as PCPC) w/ Thurston Moore
Oct. 25: Philadelphia, Penn. (as PCPC) w/ Thurston Moore
Oct. 26: Brooklyn, N.Y. (as PCPC) w/ Thurston Moore
Nov. 6: Washington D.C. (as Parkay Quarts)
Nov. 8: Philadelphia, Penn. (as Parkay Quarts)
Nov. 13: Lille, France (as Parkay Quarts)
Nov. 14: Paris, France (as Parkay Quarts)
Nov. 15: Nantes, France (as Parkay Quarts)
Nov. 17: Toulose, France(as Parkay Quarts)
Nov. 19: Oostende, Belgium (as PCPC)
Nov. 20: Brussels, Belgium (as Parkay Quarts)
Nov. 21: Utrecht, Holland (as Parkay Quarts)
Nov. 22: Amsterdam, Holland (as PCPC)
Nov. 23: Utrecht, Holland (as PCPC)
Nov. 24: Ramsgate, U.K. (as PCPC)
Nov. 25: London, U.K. @ Electroworkz (as PCPC)
Nov. 26: Leeds, U.K. (as Parkay Quarts)
Nov. 27: London, U.K. (as Parkay Quarts)
Nov. 29: Koln, Germany (as Parkay Quarts)
Nov. 30: Zurich, Switzerland (as Parkay Quarts)
Dec. 11: New York, N.Y.(as Parquet Courts)