As one of San Francisco's newest new wave and experimental outfits, Part Time kick it back to a time when you could sit and get stoned in your garage in the '80s in your raggedy "grunge" clothing -- before grunge was even cool (or a commonly used word).

Don't believe us? Part Time are gearing up for the release of their upcoming 20-song double album, Virgo's Maze, and have premiered its first single; check out "Fallin' 4 U" in the audio player below.

The song itself is a drone of a shoegaze track, likely striking a chord with your sadder teenage years. Toward the end of the tune, there appears to be a random voice over -- a narrative of sorts -- focused on ... cartoons? And if we're being honest, what's better than some cartoon talk to lighten the mood?

Fronted by David Loca, who played all of the instruments on the new record -- alongside five songs that he says friends helped out with -- Virgo's Maze was constructed using an outdated tape machine, reel-to-reel and USB mixer over the course of five years. It was recorded in L.A., San Francisco and El Paso, and represents the first time Loca has taken hold of the creative reigns.

Virgo's Maze is due out on May 19 via Burger Records. You can check out the album's full tracklist -- and "Fallin' 4 U" -- below.

Virgo's Maze Tracklist
1. "The Cost of Living"
2. "My Jamey"
3. "Honey Lips"
4. "Fallin’ 4 U"
5. "New Beginnings"
6. "Touch Me Responsibly"
7. "I Saw Her Standing There"
8. "It’s Elizabeth"
9. "Science, Shadows & Religeons on the Walls"
10. "Ganz Wien"
11. "Strangest Eyes"
12. "Pussy of my Dreams"
13. "Real Connection"
14. "The Garvo623 (My Robots Brain)"
15. "B U"
16. "Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff"
17. "Virgo’s Maze"
18. "Was It Real"
19. "The River of Dreams (Sailing My Fantasy)"
20. "It’s Too Late"