Passion Pit impress with 'Take a Walk,' the lead single off of their new album 'Gossamer.' Frontman Michael Angelakos and the gang have added narrative texture to their sugary electropop: while still largely the musical equivalent of a Fun Dip,  the lead single off of July 24's 'Gossamer' considers as it stomps and contemplates while it jumps -- grab a listen below.

A bit more mature than the bands' heretofore "we fell in love!" and "we broke up!" lyrics, 'Take a Walk''s verses sketch the lives of recession-era characters, from an immigrant selling "red and white carnations outside of Penn Station" to a retiree learning that his pension's gone, to an adult son asking his family for money. These characters are all affected by forces beyond their control, and, throwing their hands up at the situation, they head out to "take a walk," stepping out into a chorus full of fuzzy-keyed determination.

Expect similar depth throughout 'Gossamer.' The forthcoming record has "more of a dichotomy between the lyrics and the music,” as Angelakos stated in a press release. ”You hear my lyrics more precisely which is something I was ready for. The lyrics on this album have a lot to say about what the last two years of my life have been troubled with.”

Passion Pit are aiming for a record that's more innovative and honest. 'Take a Walk,' with its near-military march and snarl-filtered chorus, is a departure for a band that was once easily written-off as indie pop flotsam. There's a new strength to Passion Pit -- and they still make you want to dance.