Titus Andronicus, Jersey's best art-rock/indie-punk export, just doesn't take up enough of frontman Patrick Stickles' time. So a couple weeks ago, to treat a bout of idle-hands syndrome, Patrick put together a tribute to 'Hey Tonight,' a tune by his good friends in Free Energy.

Funnily enough, when his version came on our radar, we had to listen carefully a second time, as we were sure it was an actual Free Energy demo. Stickles' voice is usually a frantic shout, but here, he hews close to Free Energy's singer Paul Sprangers's style, and the loose, basement-style production gives the cover a clandestine, bootlegged vibe.

Diffuser.fm asked Sprangers what he thinks about his buddy's remake, and perhaps not surprisingly, he's into it.

"Patrick really knows how to find the essence of a song," he says. "His cover is a full on Springsteen-banger complete with piano and bells. It's an honor to have such a talented artist cover our song, and it's all the more satisfying given that he is a friend and he has offered nothing but love and support to Free Energy from the start. He's an exceptional young man! Here's to Patrick Stickles!"

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