Although it seems a lot like Paul McCartney hasn't played a video game since ColecoVision, somebody convinced him to contribute a brand new song to the soundtrack for the blockbuster 'Destiny,' and you'll be able to buy it on its own later this year.

According to a press release, McCartney wrote the song 'Hope' specifically for the soundtrack, which he also reportedly worked on. The track plays during the end credits of the Bungie's latest game, which just had the most successful launch of any new video game franchise ever. Bootleg copies of the song produced by Giles Martin began surfacing online this week, prompting the announcement of a pending release.

"Throughout his career, Paul has always looked at ways to reach new audiences with his music and has never been afraid to try out new ideas or platforms," said the release. "This is the first time that Paul has ever written for a computer game and he has likely started yet another trend for the world of popular music."

Speaking of Macca, check out video of the Cure performing the Beatles' 'Hello Goodye' with his son, James McCartney, for the upcoming, star-studded tribute, ‘The Art of McCartney,’ set to drop Nov. 18: