Paul Revere Dick, of the '60s rock band Paul Revere and the Raiders, died suddenly in his Idaho home on Saturday (Oct. 4) at the age of 76. If you don't remember the band, just take a look at the picture above; they're most known for performing their shows in attire dating back to the American Revolution.

Revere, the band's organist, had a wild onstage personality, often exciting the crowd to truly embrace the energy of their shows. The Raiders originally consisted of five members, and now only Mark Lindsay and Phil Volk remain. Drake Levin and Mike Smith are deceased as well.

On the band’s website, a letter from “Everyone who has ever met you” addresses Revere’s death.

Generous to a fault with your family, your friends and your band, there seemed to be no limit to your kindness. When you turned your attention towards someone, you made that person feel special and in your spotlight. You had a pet name for each person, and you never hesitated to tell them how exceptional they were. You appreciated the talent, beauty, skills and uniqueness you found in others, and you were never shy about telling them so. All the more reason for people to feel wonderful in your presence.

Read the entire statement here.

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