Apparently, we were wrong in reported recently that Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger was in the studio laying down tracks for the next Pearl Jam album -- but we weren't the only ones. Numerous news organizations were misled by a tweet from Einziger that featured the above photo and caption "in the studio with my girl and Eddie Vedder, recording strings for Pearl Jam’s new album." 

Turns out that it was the guitarist's girlfriend, Ann Marie Simpson, an accomplished violinist, who was the one recording music for the new PJ disc, and Einziger was just on hand to watch. Einziger himself cleared things up in a new Twitter post, writing "Hello information superhighway. I am NOT contributing to @pearljam new album. My girl played on a song and I stopped by the studio to watch" -- and then followed it up with another just in case we didn't catch his drift: "So media outlets, please stop announcing that I am playing on @pearljam new album. NOT TRUE."

Got that? Good.

Either way, the real news for us here is that things are progressing on Pearl Jam's next album, although there's still no definitive information regarding when the follow-up to 2009's 'Backspacer' will drop. Still, it's good to see photographic proof that Vedder is in the studio -- even if he's just chilling with a guest violinist.