The limited-edition 'Pearl Jam Twenty: Deluxe Edition' box set released last year has long been sold out, but a new three-disc version is on the way. Due out Nov. 13, the 'Pearl Jam Twenty: Three Disc Deluxe Edition' contains all the video content and bonus footage from the Cameron Crow-directed documentary that was included on the 'Deluxe Edition,' but with a variety of additional, previously unseen material sure to thrill all the big PJ fans out there.

The bonus content on the newly packaged set includes 30 minutes of additional footage from 'Twenty,' an alternate version of the flick as Crowe originally envisioned it titled 'The Kids Are Twenty' and a fan-appreciation documentary titled 'The Fans Are Alright' with its own additional content. The set comes in a more streamlined package including a 20-page booklet and Franz Pizzoli's original cover art.

Specific bonus materials includes behind-the-scenes footage of Mike McCready writing ‘Faithfull,’ Jeff Ament hanging out in Montana, Stone Gossard giving viewers a driving tour of Seattle, Eddie Vedder providing a tour of his house, Matt Cameron writing ‘The Fixer’ and more.

Fans can pre-order 'Pearl Jam Twenty: Three Disc Deluxe Edition' before its Nov. 13 release here, with a price of $29.99 for the DVD set and $39.99 for the Blu-ray edition.